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Welsh Afternoon Tea 

Leek and Per Las Quiche

Glamorgan Sausage Rolls

Welsh Rarebit

Bara Ceirch and Laver Bread

Homemade Welsh Cakes

Bara Brith

Crempogs with Honey

selection of 4 finger sandwiches 

For 1 £17.95 

Sweet Afternon Tea

Scone with jam and cream 

Fruit meringue with vanilla cream 

Homemade Vicky sponge 

Homemade chocolate spoon 

Homemade chocolate brownie 


selection of 4 finger sandwiches 

For 1 £17.95

Cheese Box 

Selection of cheese 's with olives, celery, pickle, pate

crackers and crispy baguette 

Cheese box for 1 £17.95

Savoury Afternoon Tea

Homemade pork sausage rolls

Scotch egg

Pork pie and pickle 

Cheese and biscuits 

Homemade quiche 

selection of 4 finger sandwiches 

for 1 £17.95 

Tapas Box 

Selection of cured meats and boiled ham, camembert, olives , marinated red peppers, grilled asparagus, salad garnish, crackers and baguette

Tapas box for 1 £17.95 

Homemade Waffle Stack

6 x Homemade waffles 

Fresh fruit 

Maple syrup