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£8 buffet per person

A selection of 4 sandwich fillings

Home pork and apple sausage rolls

Homemade quiche Lorraine

Mini cocktail sausage sticks with maple syrup

Mini fish goujons with homemade tartar sauce

Mushroom crostini

Dessert platter

£10 buffet per person

Selection of 4 sandwich fillings

Homemade corn beef and potato pastie

BBQ chicken skewers

Avocado crostini

Indian selection with samosa, pakora and onion bhaji

Prawn in filo pastry

Sweet chilli ribs

Dessert platter

£16 buffet per person

Selection of sandwich and baguettes per person

Smoked salmon and cream cheese oat biscuits

Mushroom arancini with a spicy mayo dip

Pulled pork, caramelised apple and pork scratching tart

Prawn and crab filo basket with Rosemary sauce

Mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil leaf with a pesto drizzle

Hummus, pesto and sundried tomato tartlet

Mini Yorky puds with Horseradish cream and crispy onion

A selection of homemade desserts, macaroons and fresh fruit platter