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Interactive Sharing Platter

Canapés sélections;

-pulled brisket with salsa and filo pastry, pork scratching and caramelised apple

-mini cocktail sausages with honey & rosemary

-mini Yorkshire puddings with beef and horseradish

-garlic mushroom crostini

-haddock goujons

-marinated veg skewers and grilled halloumi

Wedding breakfast;

Sandwiches Individually wrapped in grease proof paper with fillings like: mixed Italians meats, chicken bacon and stuffing, mozzarella tomato and pesto. 4 wrapped fingers per person

Meats and cheese with antipasti - selection of 2 welsh cheeses

(red peppers, olives, sun dried toms, figs, gherkins, grilled asparagus etc).

Scotch eggs - black pudding or chilli 50/ 50 off each

Sausage rolls - Glamorgan sausage for the vegetarians and Pork and Leek

Mini pies -pork and vegetable 

Green salad, caprese salad, coleslaw,

Oils, balsamic, chutneys.

£37.00 per person