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Mini Beef Sliders

Add To Event Featured Supplier

Little meals for your corporate or private event

Wow your guest with a selection of our little meals.

Weather a private house party or a corporate event we have a selection of little meals that will impress your guest.

We will cook and serve a selection of dishes to your guests in little bowls, bamboo boats or cones.

Each dish - £5.00

Staff at min 4 hours £18.00 per hour

Mix it up with 2/3 canapes and 2/3 dishes per person for an evenings entertainment

Spicy meat balls with parmesan cheese 

Pea and green bean risotto (V)

3 bean chilli and homemade nachos (V)

Beef bourguignon and creamy mash

Chicken curry and rice 

Lentil and avocado salad (V)

Mini fish and chip cones 

Antipasti rigantoni

Spicy chick pea salad 

Ramen noodles with poached salmon 

 Delivery fee

£10 Barry

£15 in the Vale of Glamorgan

£25 Cardiif and Bridgend